LifeTrak C200

LifeTrak C200 WatchIt seems like everywhere you turn there’s another weight loss pill or exercise machine waiting to be tried and probably tossed aside. If you want a product that actually helps you lose weight and is easy to use, you want the LifeTrak C200. It’s virtually effortless and helps you see the work you’re doing in real time to help motivate you to work even harder!

Pros: It integrates ECG heart rate monitoring to determine how many calories you’re burning. This means that it is specific to you and your body weight, not just how many steps you’re taking. At the end of the day, you don’t have to guess how many calories you burned using some generic calculator. You know, in real time, exactly how many calories you’ve burned, steps you’ve taken, and distance you’ve gone.

Also, the LifeTrak C200 recognizes the difference between walking, jogging, and running. This makes your daily calorie count even more accurate. The display is very easy to read, and you don’t have to sync with another device in order to see your progress. You can access all of the information you want in real time wherever you are. It’s fully waterproof, so you can use it during your favorite water activities. Another great feature is how lightweight it is! At only 8 ounces, you’ll forget you’re even wearing it.

Cons: This device is larger than other similar products on the market because of the screen. If you want something more discrete, try another device (one that doesn’t have a screen and only syncs with a computer or smartphone). Also, if you’re doing any intense workout involving lots of sweat, the heart rate monitor won’t work unless it’s dried off periodically. This is the case with any heart rate monitor, though, as water works as a conductor that keeps the device from getting an accurate heart rate reading.

Overall, this product is awesome and if you don’t believe me, check out Tim Priest’s reviews at Smart Monkey Fitness. It is easy to use, accurate, and unique in it’s design. Speaking of design, the LifeTrak C200 has a number of color options to choose from to fit your style. You can get the ComfortFit bands in interchangeable and reversible colors such as white, black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and a beautiful pistachio. You don’t have to sacrifice style for fitness! There are a number of similar products to choose from on today’s market, but if you want the best value for what you’re paying, the LifeTrak C200 is the way to go!

Polar FT4 Review

Pros of the Polar FT4

Polar FT4 Heart Monitor WatchAccording to consumers who have invested in this product say it is a wonderful product to help keep track of the heart rate and if the rate is normal or irregular. This monitor gives the wearer their real heart rate during exercise. This enables the wearer to stay pretty much within their target area.

The Polar FT4 in short, is a technological high point of anyone’s workout routine. This is a heart rate monitor that exercise enthusiasts say they cannot go without using.

The Polar FT4 is available in a few different variations for men or women. Colors range from pink, purple, black, red, green, brown and gray. The Polar FT4 is used for everyday use or during exercise workouts. The Polar FT4 comes in models for men or women.

• The Polar FT4 keeps track of the calories burned during the day
• The chest strap the consumer must wear to track the accurate heart rate comes with a soft, fabric material that flexes to the body’s contour
• Come with replaceable battery
• Water resistant
• Universally connects to compatible gym equipment
• Keeps the wearer motivated to push on towards their exercise goals
• Back light
• Date screen
• Alarms when the wearer is going over the heart rate recommended
• Alarms when the wearer is not working out hard enough to reach their pre-set goals

The Cons of the Polar FT4

During the numerous customer reviews of the Polar FT4 there were found, no negative comments or complaints about this product, except for the chest strap being a bit difficult to find the adequate adjustment, but once the wearer found their comfort zone with the strap everything worked fine and felt comfortable. This product is nearly a five star rating with no drawbacks found, according to customer reviews and ratings. These are excellent reviews for a product that someone is thinking about purchasing, but are not quite sure. Quality of this product is remarkable.

Consumers were happy with the price and the shipping was prompt and satisfactory.

In Conclusion

All customer reviews of the FT4 highly rated this product, and is certainly a contender in the list of best heart rate monitor watches. Consumers felt that the price of this product ranged from nearly $60.00 to just under $100.00 and felt that because of the quality of the item and it’s functionality the price was a fair price.

Some consumers said that they have family histories of heart disease and heart attacks in their family and they would not be caught without this monitor, especially during work out episodes. Wearers said that with this product they were able to maximize their workout routines.